Sunday, April 08, 2012

Dress like a ballerina day

Jordan took her first ballet exam last week.

It was a mad rush for me to pick her up from school, get her to ballet, get her changed in time for her hair to get worked on. And that was the highlight of her day. Hair spray, gel, pins, clips, the works.

The tension in the waiting room could be cut with a knife but it wasn't the girls that were stressed. It was the mothers. And it brought back memories of how terrified I was when I took my ballet exams and envied the fact that the girls were having so much fun.

The thought that kept resonating was in my head was that exams should be this fun, always.

What amazed me was how much the girl has grown in the last month or so. Physically, she lanked out, her limbs became longer and leaner. She has a little bit more carriage and simple ballet basics like keeping her feet in a little first position (a V formation formed with her feet) and curtseying suddenly gained poise and had semblances of ballerina grace.

My mom commented that I must be living out my ballerina dreams with Jordan. I suppose there is a little bit of that going on and I can't say I won't be sad if she gave up. But right now, she's having too much fun for that to happen. Plus there is a Princess ballerina camp coming up and a big performance on the stage at the end of the year that she cannot stop talking about.

So until then, I'm just going to watch as she grows more confident and graceful, marvelling at how easy it is for pliable, malleable feet and hips to achieve positions that I could never do with ease and be absolutely amused at how much hairspray goes on her little head.

Packrat just cannot get over how the hairsprayed braids make her look like Princess Leia.

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