Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Muffin Update

Muffin is out of hospital. He was discharged after spending not one, but two nights in hospital. For the record, I don't ever want to do that again.

Anyway, he seems about 90% back to normal now. 90% because he still throws up occasionally and is massively cranky. His behaviour has altered a little bit since discharge. He seems more proned to tantrums and mega- feature on Super Nanny- type tantrums with the flailing arms and kicking legs. Part of me doesn't want him to get away with it but part of me gets that it's probably has to do with having been teethered to a bed for 2 days in a room without windows. That would drive anyone a little bit cranky and proned to tantrums. But when he kicks me so hard in the mouth that I actually ran my tongue over my teeth to make sure all were there, I am less inclined to be so understanding.

He has also taken to boycotting vegetables. From a boy who would gulp down anything in his soup, he has become, over the course of a few days, finicky about what gets put into his mouth. Every single, chopped up strand of vegetable gets meticulously picked out of his mouth and into our hands.

Miserable and exhausted. 

Showing a bit more interest in Cartoon Network and a helium balloon. 

Being entertained by Up and off the drip finally!

The 2 days at the hospital where he pretty much got everything he wanted included television and Youtube round the clock has meant that we have a lot to undo now that he is home. It is a big battle especially coupled with his penchant for tantrums now and how tantrums ALWAYS make him throw up. 

But whatever it is, I am thankful that he is home. I would rather deal with whatever crap he is dishing out in order to express his utter displeasure at being hospitalised than to have him on a drip in a claustrophobic, cabin fever inducing room at the hospital.

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