Sunday, June 03, 2012

Graduation Day

I would just like to state from the outset that I hate the fact that I have no access to my Mac. I miss my Mac. What has brought this about this time is that I was trying to find baby photos of Muffin in his cot. 

It is graduation day. We are giving away the cot. The cot that the twins slept in and subsequently Muffin. Now that he hates it with a vengeance, his feet get caught in the rails and there is no way of getting out once in, we have no use for it. 

I am filled with wistfulness because no one is small enough to fit in the cot anymore. They are all growing up too fast. While looking back at old blog posts for photographs to put into this post, I find all these baby photos of the twins in it, all the way till Evan is almost 2 and I look at my little adults now. I now know why people constantly want babies because their babies have grown up. 

Anyway, we're passing it on. This post was meant to also ask everyone out there if they knew anyone who needed a cot. But we are giving it away to Aunty J and Uncle S's little Biskit. And we're happy that someone else is going to be using it. That way, when we are at their house, I can show the kids their old cot and all the adventures they had in it. 

How as little babies, the twins were small enough to share one cot. 

How Evan, at 21 months broke out of his cot in a way that still leaves us extremely puzzled and us calling him Mas Selamat for a while.

How there are drag marks all over the rails where both Muffin and Evan sharpened their incisors.

How Muffin hated me leaving in the cot while I lay on the floor beside him and he would pelt me with every single toy and pillow in his cot in a bid to 'wake' me up. Of course, it wouldn't work because I truly would have fallen asleep and he would end up sleeping in a entirely bare cot. I half suspect that was the point because that boy does not like anything around him, including Mommy and he kicks as strong as a horse's hind legs. That is how my stomach, throat, eyes feel when his little feet make contact with me.

So, goodbye cot and goodbye infant years in our household.

If anyone would like to suggest that we have another one to fill up the void, my answer is still NO. I like the wistfulness and there is a little sense of achievement to it too, that I survived the most harrowing years. No doubt, there is more harrowing to come but hopefully, I can factor a bit more sleep into those next years.

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  1. Hi, not sure how come my previous comment got erased. I know you're on holiday now, but just wanted to ask if you might be wiling to contribute your the arts! A cot is needed for my next play with Teater Ekamatra on 5-7 July. Do you think we could possibly use yours? And then after the show we can donate it or pass it on to someone who needs it for more traditional uses. Please let me know? - Eleanor