Friday, August 31, 2012

Fireman Evan

For the longest time, we've been wanting to go to the Central Fire Station. Evan, like many other little boys, loves fire trucks and fire fighters. We eventually found time last weekend to go and we went armed with fire hats which all three kids loved donning. But for Evan, the look on his face when he was set free into the compound of the fire station was one of unadulterated glee and joy!

We had to leave after about an hour because poor little Muffin was terrified. But we asked Evan what he liked and in an interview format, it would look like this...

Mommy: So Evan, what were your three most favourite things at the fire station?

Evan: The ambulances. You can climb in one door and run to the end and jump out the other door. There is also a long bed for you to sleep if you get tired.

Mommy: That is one. Any others?

Evan: I think first.

Mommy: If you could bring something home from the fire station, what would it be?

Evan: The mask. Two masks. The golden one and the clear one. Both are AWESOME. *

Mommy: Would you come back here again? If you would, why?

Evan: Yes, I get to play with the fire hose. And I liked it when the big fire trucks drove into the fire station. Muffin don't like, okay. You must cover his ears because it is very loud.

Mommy: Do you want to to be a firefighter when you grow up?

Evan: No, I want to drive the truck that sweeps the road.

So, my son wants to be a high-tech road sweeper.

Where was Jordan in all this? Walking around showing everyone her helmet. 

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