Saturday, October 13, 2012

Muffin Power.

All through this week, I have woken up to war cries or what sound like war cries. The twins and Muffin have been watching Leap Frog's Letter Factory where the monster cries "Wooga wooga wooga" to incite everyone to go "Aaaah!" for the A sound. They have taken upon Wooga Wooga as their own cry. Chasing each other round the house, they take turns shouting it while charging, William Wallace style at the other two. The other two will then disperse squealing in mock terror. Moments like that, I wish we lived in a house because I feel sure that one morning, I will wake up to a policeman at my door informing me that my neighbours have reported us for disturbance.

It is, however,  Muffin's choice word and weapon.

To scare his siblings, he chases them with his arms flailing crying "Wooga Wooga!" interspersed with gales of laughter.

To show displeasure, it is a frown coupled with "Wooga Wooga".

To inform us that he does not want to eat or clear up his toys, it is "Wooga Wooga!" with his back turned and him at top speed fleeing the scene of the crim

To announce his presence outside my bathroom as I take a shower it is "Wooga Wooga!" followed by fierce banging.

But the ultimate that sent me into side splitting stitches was when a bigger girl took his ball at the playground. Only reaching the girl's waist, he stares up, conjuring up his most angry knit eyebrow look and shakes his both fists angrily at her and hollers "WOOGA WOOGA!" while stamping his feet. The girl is taken aback by the effort and force of the 2 1/2 year old that she hands over the ball almost lamb like.


 Of all three, I think I am least worried about Muffin being bullied. With the Ng stare of death, the mega knit Tan brow frown and tough little battering ram disposition, it is unlikely that anyone would stand much chance against him. And if all that doesn't work, he always has his secret weapon, his cry till vomit DefCon4 defence that promises to stop any bully in his track. Superman had X ray vision and could fly, SpiderMan had his spidey sense. Muffin has his war cry, Death stare and Stink Puke and is pretty much set. 

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  1. I used to worry about Layla getting bullied, but these days, I peer into her classroom and see that she can hold her own. I've seen her taking off her watch to flick it at a boy who's annoying her, she's come home with stories of kiddy gang-ups and revenge, and how she's outsmarted someone to get him punished when he was trying to rat on her.

    I must confess that I enjoy seeing Layla show some attitude once in a while, because she can also be a doormat in other situations. But now I wonder at which point I'll have to step in with a reminder to treat others kindly.

  2. Evelyn, I think starting young is a good thing. I think there's always the struggle to teach them to be kind but also to teach them to assert themselves. My friend teaches his son "left, right, upper cut and hook!" which I don't agree with, at all!