Friday, November 23, 2012

In search for the perfect Banh Mi.

When JED are on vacation, it also means that Packrat is on vacation. And when Packrat is on vacation, he makes it a point to spirit us away without the kids. After the fiasco of the last vacation, I was more hesitant to travel and more laden with guilt. Mommy guilt is irrational. But he would not hear of it and here we are, in a divine resort in Danang, Vietnam.

It has been idyllic and one of our first vacations where we have done nothing but look for food (I put on 2 kgs in a day and a half! Who puts a weighing scale in the bathroom of a resort?!) and spa (spa treatments are included into the room rate and you can have as many as you can fit into the day).

To date and we have been here 3 days, we have had close to 15 bowls of pho between the both of us. Some better than others. The best being a hole in a wall in Hoi An where the waitress wore an iPho t-shirt and her eyes bugged when we order seconds.

But what has almost completely eluded us is the perfect Banh Mi; the Vietnamese baguette which is street food and supposedly ubiquitous. It hasn't been as ubiquitous as it sounds. When we do find it, it doesn't have the all important radish. Or when it did have the all important radish, the bread was stale. At breakfast, the baguettes were fresh but there wasn't anything else.

The best we found was in Hoi An, where apparently Anthony Bourdain ate. It was hefty, it had a good amount of pickled radish and carrot and the all important, unnameable meat. The problem was that by the time we found it, I had had 3 bowls of pho, some rice paper rolls and a plate of Com Ga (chicken rice) so Packrat had it and raved about it as I stood on the side and belched sulkily; knowing full well that if I took another bite of food, I would throw up all over.


We shouldn't have to go so far out to find Banh Mi. Today, we will attempt Danang itself. All of them are sold out of carts and that makes me slightly nervous. Packrat's theory is, buy it back to the room so that if we need to be sick, we have clean toilets to be sick in!

And since it's Friday and I been wanting to link up DinoMama's Food Fridays.. here it is!

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  1. hahha~ ya a clean toilet is a MUST if I get sick too.

    So how was the Banh Mi?

  2. The one that Packrat had? Divine! He wants to go back for another one, or two or three! Problem is that the shuttle bus is at 4 hr intervals and that's a long time to wait for a shuttle bus. We've walked around as much as we want to in Hoi An. Going back there would be solely for the Banh Mi!

  3. Argh, all that talking about eating is making me hungry! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  4. It made me hungry too! That's how I'm putting on 1 kg a day!