Monday, December 10, 2012

The weight of carrying on the family name

Packrat and I love durians. The only time I shied away from durians was later in the twins' pregnancy where putting on undue weight and possibly subjecting myself to gestational diabetes was a real threat. Apart from that, we go through durian cravings quite regularly and find ourselves either invited to or throwing durian parties.

We hoped that the children would inherit our love for durians. Who can hate the high calorie, rich creamy and pungent fruit? Well, I do know many people who hate the stuff but since JED are the offspring of durian eaters from a whole line of durian eaters who disregard hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol just so that they can partake in durian feasting.

Unfortunately, the twins dodged it from a young age, with Evan declaring very loudly while dragging us to the bin that the durians belonged in there. Jordan made gagging noises and threatened to throw up every time we waved it under her nose.

Our last hope was Muffin; though we didn't think that he would salvage the durian eating reputation of the family. After all, he has been to date, the pickiest with food. But one could only hope.

Yesterday, however, our hopes were entirely dashed. This is what we think he would do if he were provided a bowl of durian. And our hypothesis was correct. His reaction was also pretty much what we expected sans the gag reflux that he usually induces upon food displeasure.

He ran from it, making his version of disgusted noises.

When I tried to feed it to him while he was otherwise occupied (it was after all Sunday and they now only have weekend television privileges), he obliviously took a mouthful but splattered it out when he tasted it.

So, our only hope now is that they grow to like it when they are older. Otherwise, both sets of grandparents, our closest friends and us, would be extremely sad. 

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  1. AHAHAHAHAH This is great.

    Hubs and I were just having the exact conversation last week.

    I grew up eating durians and can go without however hubs on the other hands, hates it with a vengence.

    As we will be back in less than a fortnight, I brought up the subject of giving the twins a go at durian.

    He OBJECTED very strongly and told me that the chidlren will gag, vomit and will stink for the week! That no way was he going to allow it!


  2. Magdelene,
    Well, as someone told me, we are in the minority so we don't get a say! I beg to differ and think that durian lovers should just unite!

  3. can i join your club?

    isaac would have nothing to do with durians either. ash can take it or leave it. only my side of the family, my fil, and i would chomp. sigh.