Sunday, December 09, 2012

The need to run

It's been a week since we successfully completed the quarter marathon. It didn't take us a week to recover but Packrat threw his back out on Tuesday, possibly because of the remnant fatigue from quarter and a foolishly planned basketball game. So we have been busy. One thing has become clear to us in the week. We are dreadfully unfit and getting old.

All things considered, we achieved great things at the quarter. I didn't run it in a better time than the last quarter but I didn't stop to walk and it was a decent time; although there was a split second, when the clock came into sight and I realised that I was about 10 minutes slower than the last run, I wanted to just throw the entire run. Packrat also managed to complete it without stopping which is a great achievement for him. But the consequence of that was inner thigh abrasions making him walk like a cowboy.

Are we going to do it again? I don't know. I would like to go further, to do the half or the full. But that will really be the end of me. My knees and calves will hate me forever and may go on a permanent strike.  But the need to keep exercising is glaringly necessary for us. I wish we had more time to do so. With 3 kids and the recently imposed moratorium on weekday television, it has become more necessary for us to be home with JED in the evening. Our running time used to be when JED were having dinner and would settle down to watch TV while we were out for the run.

Whatever it is, we'll need to figure out how to etch some time out for exercise. Now, with Packrat's back, it is more imperative that we find the time to do so; not necessarily run but some form of fitness.

Our kin who ran with us found time to do so. And that inspires us to follow suit. I have also been inspired to write a few posts on exercise and how as mums, we actually do need to exercise even if we do spend most of the time running after the little ones. That isn't quite counted!

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