Thursday, January 03, 2013

Amazing Muffin

Muffin will be three in about a month's time. And my, has he grown! We aren't just talking in terms of developmental milestones although thankfully, he seems to be speaking a bit more. What is impressive to us is that he has finally grown physically too! That should be the first thing that occurs to anyone. A child growing physically. But then again, I've always had small sized children. The twins were small because they were born small and had lots to catch up with. Muffin was born smallish for a single baby too and was actually of concern to the doctors because his weight seemed to be increasing at a decelerating speed. But in the recent months, his appetite has grown in mammoth proportions; to the point that he out eats Jordan and equals Evan on some days.

This in itself has led to some remarkable developments.

The little one has figured out the 4 wheeler and cycles as quickly as his two wheeler siblings.

He has acquired a bit of a barrel belly which thrills me to no end because all I have had to this point were skinny kids.

His cheekiness has hit new highs. Our helper is convinced he is eating more because he is speaking more and that takes up more energy. I am not sure about the correlation but she is right about the speaking more and with that comes amplified cheekiness.

He tattles on his siblings. "Mommy, Che Che/ Kor Kor naughty."

Mommy: Muffin, let's take a walk.
Muffin: No Mommy, take car.
Mommy: Why take car? Let's go for a walk.
Muffin: I tired. No walk. Drive. Zoom Zoom.

Muffin: Papa, wake up. It's early in the morning.
Papa: *mutter, growl, splutter splutter*
Muffin: Papa, wake up. Muffin vomit! Quick Papa! Wake up!
Papa: -wakes with a start- What? Where!
Muffin: Haha! Papa wake up!

Mommy: Muffin, are you a boy or a girl?
Muffin: I baby!
Mommy: Are you a baby boy or baby girl?
Muffin: Muffin baby. No boy, no girl. BABY.
And proceeds to pout. 

And he is becoming old enough to have favourite things.

His favourite books are ones that involve marine life. Sharks (The Scariest Shark). Whales (The Snail and the Whale). Wild Beasts (Where the Wild Things Are).

And his favourite toy is Lightning McQueen. He goes everywhere with Evan's spoilt Lightning McQueen. We suspect his affinity for it comes from the fact that he, like Lightning McQueen are super duper fast.

His favourite Transformer (Thanks to Evan's Christmas haul of Transformers) is Bumblebee and when he sees the yellow and black Lamborghini on the road, he is most thrilled and hollers Bumblebee for all to hear.

His favourite song is a tie between Hakuna Matata and Circle of Life.

His favourite animal is the Lion. He fancies himself the Lion King and tells us so.
Mommy: What animal are you?
Muffin: Lion King! ROOOOOAAARRR!
Mommy: Oh!
Muffin: Are you scared Mommy? ROOOOOAR!
Mommy: What animal is Che Che?
Muffin: Che Che Bear. Kor Kor Dinosaur! Papa Dragon! Mommy Elephant!
Apparently we are all ferocious creatures!

His favourite food is porridge or rice and soup which is effectively porridge; much to his siblings dismay because porridge to them is baby food.

He is a contradiction in himself. He is the cheekiest little one around but is also very shy and is the only one that hides behind my legs. Both Jordan and Evan were happy to walk up to people and make friends.

Of course, he is also old enough to miss me and dreads us leaving the house for work. His mouth turns down on a good day and he goes into hysterical sobs that lead to upchucking on bad ones.

My heart aches a little that even the youngest one is growing up so quickly. But the never ending amusement makes up for it.

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