Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Book In Blues

Thankfully,we get one more day of reprieve. The twins only start school on Thursday and Muffin begins his first year of formal education with Pre-Nursery at St James with his brother and sister.

I asked Packrat if he was blue about going back to work. He said he was more blue that the holidays are ending. And I feel the same way. Going back to school doesn't bear any real consequence on the children at this point. After all, they are in kindy. Come 2014, it will be a different story. But whatever it is, the end of the holidays is a bummer.

Anyway, everyone is blogging about what they learnt or highlights of 2012. I wanted to, but as quickly as the ideas popped into my mind, I lost them. Such is a mushy, mommy brain. So, I decided I wanted to do one about what I would miss about the holidays.

1. I would miss ignoring the schedule.
With school at 1030hrs every morning, there was always a rush to get things done before the bus arrived. Right now, JED play around quite a bit before breakfast and after breakfast before we head out for the day. Whatever work would relegated to the afternoon if it was done at all!

2. I would miss ignoring Chinese.
During the school vacation, the twins' Chinese class went on break too. So, from going through the chapter everyday to not doing any Chinese (I know I was supposed to keep it up! But...), we're heading back in to the fire.

3. I would miss the little adventures.
Today, we went biking. Some time back, we went to the Underwater World to spot rays. We went to reservoirs for nature walks and picking up sticks. I think we might make the best of tomorrow and head to Gardens by the Bay just for one last adventure.

4. I would miss the break from being the soccer mom, driving from place to place to place; spending more time in the car than in any other seat in the house or at the office. The flip side about being in the car so much was that I got very well acquainted with the British perspective of world events, thanks to BBC.

5. I would miss rubber time where we did what we wanted to, at our own time. This meant much less stress than to be rushing places we really didn't want to go (So Seuss like!)

6. I would miss the little craft projects we did. Decorating the Christmas tree, creating our own egg carton Christmas trees, the Rapunzel hair we created for Jordan and Chloe (our neighbour), the Tang Yuan we made (though not craft)

7. I will miss unadulterated family time. With Muffin much older and more open to reasoning and the twins being independent enough to go to the bathroom on their own, we've taken them out a lot on our own. No grandfolks, no helper. Just us. The airport, lunch at coffee shops, market jaunts.

8. I would miss the excitement of the festive seasons.
This was the first Christmas that the twins were so excited, they were vibrating the minute it turned to the 20s for December. It was great because all through November, my threats if they misbehaved were that I would either cancel Christmas or they would get charcoal as presents. Christmas morning was about being hauled out of bed to open presents and squealing with delight. Both Packrat and I were immensely proud of the fact that the twins would voluntarily wish people a Merry Christmas and today, a Happy New Year, without much prodding.

9. I would miss taking the kids to the school I volunteer at.
They  learnt that stick insects need a lot of water and eat a lot of leaves, frogs seem to only eat crickets that sense their death and are madly scrambling about. Jordan loved having the stick insect and bugged me non stop to get her one as a pet. Packrat points out that her she will have a lot of cache in school because she would be the only one fearless about insects.

10. Most importantly, I would miss Packrat who had been around all the time during the holidays. Movies, lunch, tea and all the other little time outs we could find. I think that is what bums me out the most, that my love is going back to work!


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