Thursday, January 17, 2013

Big Sister, Little Girl.

Thank goodness that Muffin has settled into school and loves it to bits. He specifically tells us that he wants to go to "Aunty Lina's" school. Aunty Lina is his teacher. He loves the playground and apparently the songs they sing. But the thing he loves most is the bus ride to and from school.

He goes on the bus with his siblings and he loves that. Kudos to Packrat for making that decision despite my objection. My objection was purely from a child care point of view. Muffin home with the twins while I am desperately trying to corral the twins into getting some work done. It is disruptive. Packrat felt that it would be better for Muffin to have his siblings on board the bus and he was right.

The twins enjoy taking care of their little brother on the bus. They jostle and fight to sit beside him. Yesterday, Jordan campaigned for sitting with Muffin, citing that Evan had sat with him the previous day. While I had agreed, the assistant on the school bus assistant was not privy to our agreement.

She shoved Muffin in after Evan, leaving Jordan indignant and in tears because she couldn't do her sisterly duty.

It really tore at me to see her so distraught. I had to wrestle the protective Mommy instinct in me to storm up the bus and demand that my daughter be allowed to look after her brother. If I could be the crazy mom, I would have called up the bus assistant and demand that the next day, Jordan be put beside her brother and berate her for making my daughter cry.

There is also the mom in me who knows that it is not nice to give people a hard time and rolls eyes at moms who make unreasonable demands. That mom knows that it's no big deal and Jordan would be fine before the bus drove into school. And that if I intervened, she would never learn to accept disappointment and brush it off as no big deal.

So, I bit my tongue and tried to erase the image of my indignant and upset daughter out of my head.

This morning, when the bus arrived, she purposefully grabbed Muffin's hand and marched up to the bus before its doors opened, declared very loudly, 'I would like to sit with my brother today.' and led him to an empty set of seats.

She had figured it out for herself and was most pleased that she achieved what she set out to do.

My intervening would have been unnecessary other than to assuage my aching mommy heart.

Jordan, the little girl with the big heart bursting with love and protection for her little brother.

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