Monday, January 14, 2013

Family portraits

The twins drew us the other day. Some things were very obvious from it. To Evan, order was very important within the family. In his portrait, we are ranked by height, not age. He is ahead of Jordan even though Jordan is older than he is.

Jordan had no particular order that she followed. Evan and herself were together, Muffin was on the other side of Packrat, Mommy took up significantly more room in the portrait and everyone but Mommy was of Daddy-Long-Legs proportions.

The thing that tickled me most of all was like in Jordan's eyes, we were pretty much a family of zombies.

In Evan's eyes, we were all smiling and I liked that.

What warmed me about both their portraits were that they included Kakak into it.

These pictures now reside on our fridge and everyone who walks past it, stops to look at it and smiles.

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  1. It's amazing how kids see things, ya? So simple, yet so startlingly honest ;)

  2. Mummy Moo,
    Yes indeed and I give thanks for it, every day!