Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Truly bipolar fun

Someone once told me that it was unfair to diagnose children as bipolar in the psychological/ psychiatric sense because children tended to exhibit certain behaviours, most naturally, that were supposed to be the symptoms of bipolar.

Included in the symptoms were being constantly irritated, being distracted, hyperactive, impulsive, fidgety and my favourite, silly goofy and giddy.

That in itself, sounded like a description of my children, either on their own or collectively.

JED have two modes. They either love each other to death and smother each other with love; this is especially true for Jordan and Muffin where she smothers him with kisses and is often his rescuer and advocate.

Or, they are fighting and there is snatching, crying, whining and flailing. Often, that is how Evan and Muffin relate to one another. Evan plays with something, Muffin snatches it. Evan builds something. Muffin does a Godzilla on it. Evan doesn't put up with it so he snatches it back or sometimes, he  gives Muffin a good thumping. That results in a throw-thyself-on-the-ground-flat pancake position and cry.

Thankfully, they seem to also genuinely care for and love each other. And that for some of the time, they actually do enjoy each other's company.

The singing here is priceless. But so are the looks of pure affection for one another. And I love the fact that the singing is unintelligible but strangely in sync with one another. For those who cannot figure out the song in the background, it's Hakuna Matata from the Lion King. Jordan wraps her hair round her face in a bid to give herself a mane. Muffin now fancies himself the Lion King. And where is Evan? He is behind, playing with his toys; possibly plotting how to lord over his two, loudly squawking, duet-ting siblings.  

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