Saturday, February 09, 2013

Full of sass

It seems a universal truth now that our kids are full of sass. I know my kids are.

Part of me feels that it is slightly rude but part of me marvels at the boldness and ability to express themselves.

Some gems from the last few days that I need to record because they are hilarious.

Yesterday, there wasn't school so I took JED out to breakfast.

At breakfast, there was a little girl from their school dressed in uniform. Obviously her parents had forgotten that there was no school today and had got her ready for school only to discover a quiet and empty school premise.

As we walked by, the twins asked her " Don't you know that there isn't school today?"

After I smacked both of them on the back of their heads, I had to apologise to the sheepish looking father.

 Last night at Grandma's, their cousin Becca asks if the twins could stay over.

Evan's response to her, " Tomorrow is Saturday. I have plans with my Mommy and Papa."

Thought bubble in my head, "5 year olds have plans?"

Jordan knows that the rule in the house is that she doesn't get nail polish on her nails till she is 18.

Conversation she then has with Mommy out of the blue.
Jordan: Mommy, next time when my daughter is 6 years old and she wants nail polish, I will tell her yes, ok? Because nail polish is pretty.

Using the third person to make her point clear. .


Even little Muffin has learnt sass.

He hears a noise as he is about to fall asleep. He says he is scared.

Mommy: It's ok. It's like when you drop a ball and the people downstairs can hear it.
Muffin: We drop ball. Wake up downstairs people now?


I have to admit that we as parents, sass each other quite a bit so I suppose they take after us.

I guess we just have to teach them to say it out of ear shot and the subtlety to go with all that sass.

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  1. very sassy kids indeed :) I had to chuckle out loud because they were too hilarious.

  2. Natasha,
    There is no filter between mind and mouth at this point!