Monday, February 18, 2013

Prime real estate

Muffin has been down with a viral fever.

We've kept him away from the twins.

 He misses them and they've missed him.

This morning, both try to 'serve' him.

Muffin's thing now is to listen to Lion King's Circle of Life and perch himself as if on Pride Rock while savouring the music. Evan built Muffin his Pride Rock with a chair, a stool, some cardboard and a notice that said "Dylan's Pride Rock".

Not to be outdone, Jordan tries to up the ante and builds another one leading under the table where the table is a 'cave'. It's more elaborate and there is a sign that says "Simba's Pride Rock and Mufasa's Pride Rock."

Unfortunately, Muffin liked the location of Evan's creation better. And Evan built it first; right next to the sound box that plays "Circle of Life" on a loop. So, location wise, Muffin couldn't have done better. And Jordan took offence. Shouting matches as she tried to forcibly put him in her Pride Rock echoed in the estate.

I try not to burst a stitch laughing at the earnest offence Jordan is feeling and how Evan is gloating because Muffin likes his Pride Rock better.

It is however, irritating because I have to run interference. I feel like the UN, trying to mediate between two unreasonable countries.

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