Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lost in Translation

The twins have cousins from New Zealand.

The last time they met, they were all pretty much pre-verbal.

This time, they got along like a house on fire.

But they had to get over some initial obstacles first.

E, has a heavy strong Kiwi accent and that led to many occasions of miscommunication.

Jordan was drawing a rainbow.
E: Oh! I do like your rainbow.
Jordan: Oh! Don't say that! That's very rude.
Packrat: Jordan, E was saying that she liked your rainbow. I DO like your rainbow.
Jordan: Oh! Ok. (To E) Thank you, you speak beautifully but I don't understand you!

I would very much like it if JED could be close to all their cousins, even the ones that lived a far distance away.

JED spent the afternoon with their cousins from New Zealand yesterday and haven't stopped talking about them. Especially Jordan who wants to speak like E! She'e gotta go spend some time there to speak like that but unfortunately Packrat would be bored out of his mind there.

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