Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday Morning Snapshot: Bathroom painting

Muffin enjoys only child status on Saturday mornings. His siblings go off on Friday nights to stayover at Grandma's. So I get to do things with him that we wouldn't usually do. This morning, he was going on about watching television. That's my last resort, when I'm exhausted and have run out of ideas. But since it was just him and myself, I asked him if he wanted to paint.

Usually, the twins paint at the table so he does that. But since they weren't around and I decided I wanted to get him dirty (the boy does not like getting dirty so I take great pleasure in trying to get him dirty!), we did it in the bathroom.

"Where brush?" he asks.
On purpose, I did not give him a brush. Instead, a toothbrush and a couple of pieces of sponge.

He copied me as I sprayed paint onto the paper and finger painted his name on the floor, mixed colours and eventually grabbed the sponge and slathered paint over his hands and feet and got him to stamp it where ever he wanted to. Mommy then got wise to paint on clothes and stripped him down, exposing his bare belly as a canvas.

I annoyed him by putting paint on spots he couldn't reach and when he figured out how to reach it, he looked like he had a dragon painted on his back. Very Hong Kong triad.

He must have had a lot of fun because once he was washed up and dressed again, he waltzed back into the bathroom and asked to paint there again.

Mommy had fun too. Too bad we had to go out for lunch.

Note: Only do this with washable paint. And even then, I didn't allow him to step out, red and blue footed onto my white tiles!

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