Sunday, March 17, 2013

Not the Sabbath

In Judeo-Christian tradition, the Sabbath is supposed to be from sun down on Friday till Saturday evening. Others look at it as the entire weekend and it is supposed to be a time of rest. Or a time away from work. I usually work on the Sabbath; both Saturday and Sunday. But since I just finished a ridiculously long week, I decided to spend the entire day with them.

This might be stating the obvious but my conclusion is that spending time with JED violates the rule of Sabbath being a rest day. There is no rest to be had.

Our Saturday consisted of going to their school carnival in the morning. The thing with their school is, they do a really good job priming the kids for it. They do a great job working them up into an excited ball of frenzy. So, for the last two weeks, they came home every day, asking to go to the carnival, to play games and win prizes.

As a rule, we avoid crowds. And their school maxed out, is about 1000 students; on top of that, parents plus alumni was the pure definition of crowds. But we went because the twins would have it no other way. And because for the twins, it will be their last year. The kids spent all their time bouncing in the castles, playing games, craft work and then back to playing the games again. They went away thrilled, sweaty, hyped up and hungry.

The simplest thing to do on a weekend afternoon is to stick them in front of the television especially when it is swelteringly hot outside. But Muffin's latest craze is the duck pond at Botanic Gardens and when they ask to be outside, we make it a point not to say no. So armed with bottles of iced water, conveniently packed into a JED Packs thermal bag to keep iced cold and bicycles, we took JED to the park where they chased birds (Muffin), hunted for jackfruit (Evan) and whizzing down slopes (Jordan).  

They only agreed to go home when the racing down slopes ended up with Evan turning a little too quickly and sharply, somersaulting off the bicycle through the air and landed on the grass in tears from the shock. Our reaction after assessing that he was just crying from fright was Thank God Grandma wasn't around to see the big bruise developing on his chest where he met the handlebar on the way down to the grass!

A day like this usually guarantees a really quick bedtime and we got our wish. We were supposed to go out to dinner after JED fell asleep. But we were an hour late because we didn't count on falling asleep too when they did.

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