Thursday, April 25, 2013

Flights of fancy

Date nights have been harder and harder to come by. So, taking full advantage of the fact that we were already out for an 'no-kid' family dinner, we went to see Olympus Has Fallen. It was at my egging that we went to see it. I cannot pass up a White House movie. After all, the acronym of my 3 kids' names make up JED [the first name of President Josiah -Jed- (Muffin's REAL middle name) Bartlet from The West Wing] and my favourite re-read of a book is Tom Clancy's Executive Orders. So, off we went to a most definitely schlocky, massively hole-ridden plot line movie about terrorists taking the White House code name Olympus.

As we emerge and Packrat goes on ranting about the movie's multiple and massive plot holes I end up fantasising about what sort of code names we would get, were we to become first family.

For Packrat - Razer
For myself - Shera
For Jordan - High Tops
For Evan - Cheese Toast
For Muffin - Hurricane (most definitely)

Obviously there could be others but those were at the top of my head.
Of all 3, only Evan has political ambitions. He has announced that he would like to be President and live in the President's House. Jordan wants to be a mermaid and right now, Muffin's a lion.

He is half way there. From a young age, the both of them had the 'walk and talk' pretty down pat. Now, the only problem would be the fact that the future POTUS is wearing his Mommy's heels.

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