Saturday, May 11, 2013

Time Warp

Once upon a time, Packrat and I used to go on mid-week dates to the movies. We left it up to chance because Golden Village used to do this thing where they held Surprise Movies- these movies were cheaper than regular tickets because we really didn't know what we were getting ourselves into. We would spend the whole day IMDB-ing it and guessing what it was but we never knew for sure until the lights went down and the title of the movie flashed; thereupon a great cheer would swell from the viewers who guessed correctly.

One of the Surprise Movies we watched was Star Trek by JJ Abrams.

Yesterday, I found myself in a time warp.

I found myself watching Star Trek again, this time as a prequel to the new one Into the Darkness. This was the first movie marathon we'd done in a long time. We used to go for movie marathons, we used to organise movie dates with lots of friends. But we haven't gone to one  in recent times. It's hard to stay up for one movie, let alone a whole bunch of them.

But I felt pre-kids for an entire evening, although not without the expected guilt of not getting JED to bed.

There was free pop corn, a free soda and lots of fan boy cheering as Leonard Nimoy came on screen and the second and newly released movie started running. It was a big theatre, it was cold, dark and great for snuggling up.

The movies were great fun too. 

Unfortunately, there was also reality to step back through when we got home at 1 am and all 3 JED kids were up and Jordan was crying from a bad dream, Muffin was setting beside her stroking her head and Evan was so annoyed with her cries, he had sought refuge in our helper's room so that he couldn't hear her cries anymore. As I lay down with them still in my day's clothes at 1.30 am, I knew that it would be massive pay back in the morning. I was right. It didn't matter that they had only fallen back to sleep at 2.30 am and I went to bed at 3; they were up at 7 am despite us trying to fool them by pulling all the blinds down.

My only consolation is that they should crash quite early tonight. That and the memories of a great night that reminded me of how we used to be fun people before JED came along!

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  1. Sitting through a movie? What's that? We watch stuff on our laptops now, with earphones and the baby snuggled between us haha. Muffin's really sweet to Jordan!

  2. I was just reminiscing with my colleagues how much I miss watching movies, and that going for a show after putting the kid to bed would be a complete waste of money anyway because we'd all fall asleep. :P

  3. yAnn,
    Yes, there have been late night movies where I've gone in and watched only the trailers and the two sets of credits! :)