Wednesday, May 22, 2013

When all the stars were in alignment

I cannot imagine not having a phone with a camera. For years now, I have mostly blogged with pictures and looking back at the pictures that I have posted, it reminds me of how much I have forgotten about JED and how different they were. Being with them everyday means I don't get to notice the difference that other people sometimes comment on.

This blog helps me see them from the eyes of others through the photographs of days yore.

And photographs do freeze in time moments of pure unadulterated joy in JED that are fleeting or are easily forgotten; especially by an unwell, exhausted and irate mother (i.e. me)

It also freezes the moments where their eyes are full of love and affection for one another and the only sound that echoes through the room is laughter; to remind them on days when they absolutely hate each other that it isn't this way all the time.

Realising that they could laugh till their tummy hurt
Fish mouths

Sandwich crush
All fall down
Muffin, after multiple attempts to spoil the photos
Enjoying the snuggling
Finally, a perfect shot.

So these photo-booth string of photographs are for me, for Packrat who was at work and for them to remember this moment in time, where for just those few minutes, everything in the world was right and all the stars were in alignment.

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