Sunday, June 02, 2013

Saturday Morning Snapshot: Kidnapped to Phuket

Friday was our anniversary.

I got kidnapped on Friday.

Well, sort of.

I was told to pack a bag with 2 days worth of clothes and to meet Packrat at work.

When I did, he flagged a cab and told the cab driver to go to the airport. It was only when we checked in at the airport did I realise that we were off to Phuket.

 It was a part of Phuket we'd never been to before. We were on a cliff, overlooking a bay. It was a stunning view.

It was a great weekend, full of food, uninterrupted sleep and absolutely nothing to do (no wi-fi) except hang out with one another and enjoy the view.

This was our view, early Saturday morning.

If you squint hard enough into the distance, the aircraft carrier is there.

My biggest geek thrill? Spotting an American aircraft carrier and its fleet right outside our balcony.

Like I said, geek moment. We were much saddened when it turned around and left while we were at breakfast. And the geek in me wondered if it was en-route to Singapore for the Shangri-La Security Dialogue.

After ten years, Packrat just rolls his eyes at my -right out of left field- non-sequiturs.


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  1. How lovely! Happy anniversary! :)

  2. Thanks Jean! Now I am itching to go on a longer one! ;)