Saturday, June 08, 2013

Sugar and Spice and all things nice

Jordan's been away at Princess Ballerina Camp. Every day for 3 1/2 hours, she danced and sang. It culminated in a showcase on the night of the last day.

She was exhausted but you couldn't tell from the photographs.

A friend with boys once told me that nothing made her want to have a girl as much as seeing Jordan decked out for ballet.

And I agree with her.

As a rule, I veto nail polish, heels and make up on a daily basis; her performances, whether ballet or school concerts are the only exceptions I make.

And I enjoy these exceptions.

My ballet teacher once told me that all the pain and long rehearsal hours were worth it the minute she stepped on stage; the sets, the costumes and the make up, made it all seem magical. 

I suppose, for Jordan, when the music comes on and she's in make up and costume, all the make belief becomes real and she revels in it.

Packrat said that he could tell when she was flubbing the steps, when she was copying those around her because she was momentarily distracted (and there were quite a few of those moments) and when she was actually dancing full out.

Once again, I recall my ballet teacher, who had also said that a big smile and bright eyes made the audience forget a litany of sins. 

When all the hair pins were removed, the hair gel washed out and make up wiped off, she transformed back into my exhausted 6 year old who fell asleep the minute her head touched the pillow, regardless of wet and entangled hair.

But as I looked at her, I really couldn't remember if the lines were straight or the toes were pointed. All I could see was that great big smile on my daughter's face as she twirled, pranced and danced her heart out.

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  1. I wish you have a 'like' button for this post! Thumbs up, Jordan!