Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Somewhere over the rainbow

How to make a child beam from ear to ear?

1. Allow them to still have their birthday celebration in school even though their birthday was two weeks ago.

2. Allow them to choose the image print for their cake. (Evan wanted Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Jordan wanted My Little Pony)

3. Show them the cake that they are going to share with their friends and get them all jazzed up about it. (Evan refused to have a snack before school for fear that he would have no room for cake)

4. Have them do a combined birthday celebration. With 60 children singing happy birthday to you, it's very hard not to be thrilled. Especially when all the lights are off.

5. Not tell them what cake their cousin baked them and see their jaws drop when they realise that there was a full rainbow in it.

How to make a mom beam from ear to ear?

1. See the enormous cakes get inhaled by the children. (The guilty conscience popped up because the teachers were going to have to scrap the kids off the ceiling)

2. See Evan lick his fingers while he very graciously gave everyone else cake first (Including Jordan's teacher)

3. See seven pretty layers laid flat on a plate. I know it's a lot of colouring but hey, they get a rainbow cake just once.

4. Have both Evan and Jordan spontaneously thank God for the wonderful party they had in school even though all we did was bring cake.

5. Hear all the children talk so excitedly about the cake and the characters and hear them engaged in a conversation with the teachers about what twins are and why Jordan and Evan were twins.

I'm sad that it's the last I'm going to be doing for the twins. It's just another sign of them growing up so fast. Thankfully, there's still Muffin!


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  1. Happy Birthday Evan and Jordan!! That looks like a super AWESOME party!!

  2. Thanks Irene! I think it's finally sunk in that they are 6! :)

  3. This is superb!!!!

    Well-done Mumma!!!

  4. i love the cake! may i know how your cousin got the stuff printed on top though? sorry am new to all this and am thinking of doing a dora cake for my girl but i want to make it myself and this seems perfect!

    1. Edelweiss,
      I bought the images from this lady, her name is Irene -

      She has loads of albums of images so you can pick what you want. They were great! :)