Monday, September 23, 2013

Capturing Wonderment

When I was on vacation with my mom and my brother, we inadvertently started talking about our childhood memories. What struck me was that the memories that we had were mostly about things that weren't really meaningful to anyone else but us.

Anyway, since this blog is primarily for JED (for me too because my memory sucks), I'm going to endeavour to do a series of snapshots capturing some of the things that they might like to have memories and even photographs of.

Starting with things that made them go "WOW" in a hushed tone and be silent throughout the entire experience.

That was Muffin's reaction when we took him to an open field near where I work. Every evening and more so on Saturday mornings, there are these guys flying remote control planes. These planes were slightly under 3 feet long. The guys obviously had some part in building them, they tinker with them and the look on their faces when they manoeuvre the planes up into the sky is the same, unabashed look of wonderment that Muffin had on his face. They flew them as if the planes were part of the Red Arrows, flying inverted, doing barrel turns and twists in the air with shouts and whoops of glee.

Muffin was quiet and his face upturned the whole time. He asked no questions. He just watched. And slowly edged closer and closer to the nearest one of the guys tinkering with his plane. He didn't want to go. And when we did, he asked if he could bring Evan and Jordan back to see the planes. 

An old guy quipped to another as we were about to leave, 'Fly the plane low. Then you can see the beauty of it and enjoy it. Don't fly it too high, otherwise you might as well watch planes take off from Changi.'

Point taken.
Sense of wonderment? Check.


  1. I know exactly where this spot is because my husband is into RC helicopters and we checked it out earlier this year.

    We are at the aero club most weekends here in Brisbane and my kids love it too!

  2. We'll bring the twins too! I hope they don't build on the land!