Sunday, September 01, 2013

Childhood wonderment

Occasionally, I hear the twins use phrases that sound far too old for their age. We're not talking about swear words or anything. Just words and phrases that run incongruous to their six year old voices, stature and worldviews.

So, we try very hard not to dampen any sort of belief or view that while is common for a child is deemed as rubbish and stuff fairy tales are made out of for adults.

One of those things is the Tooth Fairy. Both of them love the idea of the Tooth Fairy. Yet, on some level, they know that the Tooth Fairy isn't real. I neither deny or confirm that fact for them.  On their part, they don't really want to face up to the reality that she may not be real either.

Recently, both Jordan and Evan had their teeth come out. This isn't the first occasion so it was much less dramatic. But yet, they wanted their teeth under the pillow.

I think it was in Modern Family where the Tooth Fairy left a note when 'she' collected the tooth.

So that gave me an idea to do the same where I left personalised notes for them from the Tooth Fairy.

Predictably, I was rudely awoken the next morning by 2 six year olds brandishing the familiar orange Post It note at me. Evan demanded to know if I had written it. I turned the question back on him and asked if he thought I did and whether it looked like my handwriting. That made him doubt himself a bit before breaking out into the biggest of grins and announcing excitedly to his sister that it was indeed the Tooth Fairy that left the note and the money.

Once again, I did not deny or confirm it. I just pretended to go back to sleep.


  1. :) My son was very logical about the tooth fairy. But my daughter on the other hand did not believe in santa clause but believed in the tooth fairy.

  2. Irene,
    My kids seem very selective about it. They don't believe in Santa. But the tooth fairy, they seem to want to believe that she exists. :)