Thursday, October 03, 2013

Capturing Friendships

Friendships at this age is simple but fleeting.

I don't have any friends from kindergarten or rather I don't remember anyone from kindergarten. At. All. 

Evan has a BFF. He talks about her all the time. For the longest time, he tried to get us to organise a play date with her. It took us months to coordinate it.

That day was today.

The entire day was spent dreaming up things he would show her and do with her. Playground was on the top of his list. Followed by his various prized possessions.

His BFF is a cute as a button, down to earth kind of girl. She even included Muffin in all the games they played. She only left because she was hungry and all of them had early morning field trip adventures tomorrow. 

Very aware that Evan and her would no longer be classmates, she had asked her mother if they could still play together when they had gone to separate schools. 

I really hope they would. 

Friends at this point are nothing more than playmates. They don't really confide in each other yet. They exchange information and instructions. But it is heartwarming nonetheless to see them with their friends. When I asked Evan why he was best friends with her, he didn't know but had a goofy grin. 

He is lucky because he has two best friends and a sister. Even though he's got a BFF, he is still close to his first friend from kindy, Chloe, also our neighbour.

For as long as possible, may they grow up together and share many adventures together.