Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cold (Korea)

We have begun our epic 2013 adventure to Hawaii, Los Angeles and San Diego. It started with a 12 hour layover in Seoul. The airline, bless their corporate heart, gave us 2 rooms at the Hyatt with lunch vouchers for all of us.

That made us, parents, extremely thankful for somewhere for the kids to nap, chill and take a shower.

But for JED, all they can talk about was the cold. When we landed, it was 2 degrees Celsius.  They put their faces against granite pillars, hands in water in the hotel pond and breathing mist all the while shrieking at how cold it was.

As the one who was in charge of packing for the trip, I had groused at how cumbersome it was to bring heavy winter jackets for a twelve hour layover. I tried to sell Packrat the idea of just staying in the hotel room for 12 hours. Packrat's eyed glazed over at the imagined cabin fever and aggro JED would cause us in an enclosed room over the period of half a day.

It was a good thing I did pack it, gloves included because they had so much fun running in the cold and getting the tips of their ears so frozen it hurt a little bit. When we left, it was at freezing. And when you ask them about Seoul, that's all they will tell you, about how cold it was.

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