Monday, November 18, 2013

Daddy's Girl

There is a saying, "Mummy's Boy" and "Daddy's Girl". Much as we would like to refute the cliche, Packrat does insist that I have a softer spot for the boys and am harsher on Jordan because my expectations of Jordan are based on myself. For the boys, I have no means of comparison. But at the same time, he does admit too that he has a soft spot for our only daughter. He and the rest of our Daddy friends sit around and earnestly plot against the imagined boys that will come a-knocking when their daughters become teenagers. It has gotten to the point where they fantasise about forming a group and training their sons to protect the girls. There is nothing more than the fear and paranoia of what a teenage boy might do to their daughter to raise the red-neck hackles of these dads.

A few days ago, it was raining and the children were stuck in doors. On a lark, I put on Jordan and Evan's concert Christmas songs for them to dance to. To get into character, Jordan insisted on changing into her concert gown and start to dance. Her item required a partner, that Evan obliged for a while before he scampered off to play with Muffin.

Packrat then took over and as I was watching them, I knew for a fact that while I would be crying on the day my little girl gets married, those emotions will be nothing compared to what her dad's going to have to go through.

I am thankful that it will be many more years to come before we get to that point and before that, Packrat will be busy training Evan on the sniper rifle (because he is calmer, more patient and more mathematical) and Muffin on the shot gun (brute, close combat force) to protect their sister.

So I'll probably make t-shirts for all 3 of Jordan's immediate bodyguards; Dad/ Brothers Against Daughters/ Sisters Dating.


  1. hahahahahaha this is brilliant!!!!!! Hubby and I were having a conversation about our kids dating specifically our daughter and you guessed it....not until she is 35!!!!!!!