Sunday, November 24, 2013


One thing we do a lot of when we travel is to book accommodation where we can cook. It cuts costs, is much healthier and reduces the aggro of eating out with 3 children. In the Northern Hemisphere and in the USA, eating out is expensive. For a party of 8, just eating Tex-Mex pushes the bill over $100 easily.

So where ever we go, one of our first stops is always the supermarket. When in the US, shop like the Americans. Well, sort of. I take full advantage of the fact that a million grained, organic, hormone free, non-processed alternatives are available at a quarter of a cost they are in Singapore.

Jordan loves the fruit that we are able to get, Evan asks for spaghetti and meat sauce every moment he gets. He is in heaven because there is so much cheese and potatoes available at every meal. Muffin just keeps asking for fried rice, which is difficult to produce when we are out.

Their unanimous favourite, the Horizon milk that we got for them. In 4 days, they drank 6 litres of the milk.

Their grandparents derive a great amount a lot of joy seeing them eat with voracious appetites. Muffin and Evan have truly chubbed up in the recent months though Jordan still stay lithe (then again, she doesn't eat all that much)

I remarked to no one in particular that the children were getting rapidly Americanised. Milk at meals instead of water, something they have never ever requested in Singapore. They claim the taste of the milk is 'yummy'.

Every mother worries about how much their kid eats and it is a relief that they are eating well here. My only fear is that they demand the same kinds of food in Singapore. That truly, will break the bank.


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