Wednesday, November 13, 2013

It's Official! We've survived kindy!

The twins have graduated kindy.

I am proud to announce I did not cry during the graduation walk in even though I did tear a little bit.

And then, just like that, there was a finale and it was over. Just like kindergarten is for them.

I am sad for them. But at the same time, proud. The principal made a point in her speech about how when the little ones entered, at what was Muffin's age at the beginning of the year, they had problems with separation, focus and the inability to take instruction. She pointed out their complex dance choreographies and their stage presence as an example of how they have grown.


The concert did feel like the apt end to the kindy years; the showpiece that seemed to epitomise their years there. And Packrat and I are massively proud of how they have turned out. But by their successes, I don't mean their ability to read and write though I am proud of that too.

But they are confident little beings. Evan had confided in us that he was nervous and excited about the whole thing, the dancing, the walking up to get his scroll and ensuring his motar board does not fall off his head. But he did great. His performance of Mary's Boy Child was earnest and he did everything right. He even looked like he enjoyed himself. Jordan was part of the main cast, as one of the narrators. She did her speech bits with flourish, standing all alone on stage facing thousands of parents and immersed herself in O Holy Night.

They have become social beings. Every where we went, we were met with shrieks of "EVAN! COME HERE!" and "JORDAN! TAKE A PHOTO WITH ME NOW NOW NOW!!!". Evan had a bevy of girls trailing him (we were told later that the girls liked him because he was gentle and not loud and rude) and Jordan flitted from group to group somewhat celebrity-esque, with girls making space for her to insert herself into their photographs. Packrat and I gazed on with a tinge of envy and bewilderment. Envy because neither of us were social like Jordan and popular like Evan. We were always the odd ones out in the class. And bewilderment because we had no idea where the two of them got it from.

I suspect the school has a great deal to do with it. I know little ones who have told their parents without a doubt that they were staying on at St James, that they weren't going to primary one till they were ready and till then, St James would be there for them. While that amuses me, it also shows that great amount of attachment the children feel towards the school. I don't know if the twins realise that they are leaving yet but I sure do and I felt more than a tinge of sadness when Jordan brought home this yesterday.

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