Friday, November 29, 2013


We've been in Hawaii for 10 days and on the days that we weren't sight-seeing, JED have been in the water. They are not discerning. Pool or sea, there is always an attraction.

The twins' swimming instructor had told me that I needed to make sure they had time in the pool while we were away so that she didn't have to go back to square one with the strokes. She really didn't need to remind me of that because in this case, it was preaching to the converted.

The water highlights have been different for every one of them.

For Jordan, it was meeting a mermaid.
The resort we were at in Oahu had a 'Swim with a mermaid' thing. We didn't tell her about it but shepherded them in the direction of the mermaid. Even though the water was freezing cold and she was shivering, Jordan never once left the side of the mermaid. She touched her 'tail' and tried to swim with her, listening rapt while the mermaid told a story about polluted oceans and how the mer-people were suffering because of people destroying their world.

For Evan, it was a tunnelled water slide.
To be able to do it, the twins had to pass a swim test. Jordan went down it screeching in excitement. Evan was very hesitant till Packrat went down the tunnel. And once he summoned enough courage and he went down, he wouldn't stop. And went again and again and again.

Much to his disappointment, we couldn't bring the water slide to the Big Island. Thankfully, in the Big Island what it didn't have in water slides was made up for with a beautiful surf and waves that he could ride in on. He has declared that tomorrow, we are going back to the beach at Hapuna with boogie boards.

For Muffin, he needed to be coaxed into the sea water because to get there, there was sand. He was the slowest to fall in love with the water. Each time, he would play chicken with the waves, wading as far out as he dared to go and charging back to shore as the waves chased him inland. He never failed to generate an amused audience as he wrestled the waves. We knew he was comfortable enough when he asked Packrat to take him out to where the waves broke to float back in. If we ever came back to Hawaii, he would be totally ready for the boogie board that his brother is yearning for.

As for us, the water has been delicious. I am mostly terrified of the water being cold but the water and the waves have been inviting enough. Packrat lives in the water as long as the kids are in it and he hasn't complained either, relishing the cold and clear water. Apparently, even the salt taste is clean.

JED's colour are testament of how much time they've spent in the water. If it weren't so obscene, I would post pictures of their tan lines. Muffin however is a shade of charcoal black that I cannot imagine getting any darker and at this point, we have another 9 days on Hawaii.

It truly has been an epic session of water play for JED.


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