Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Frozen Obsession

How to tell if your daughter is swept up in a Frozen obsession.

1. She has seen it twice at the movies.

2. She wants her hair in a french braid ala Elsa all the time.

3. A cape becomes part of her wardrobe, never mind the sweltering temperatures outside.

4. She spends her recess money on a sketch book during her first week of school and fills it with etchings from Frozen.

5. Knowing all the words, including the sound effects of a clock ticking, to every single song there is on the sound track. Us parents knowing all the songs and mannerisms by heart and catching ourselves at all time of day humming "Do you want to be a snow man?" or "Reindeers are better than people".

6. A teacher stamping her foot elicits puzzled questions like "why didn't the ground around you turn to ice?"

7. Day dreaming about Frozen in class and then bursting into a rendition of "Let it Go" which startles everyone and guarantees a grand telling off from the teacher. 

8. Wanting a pet snowman named Olaf and needing his nose to be made out of carrot.

9. Spending an inordinate time talking to rocks hoping they turn into trolls.

10. Knowing all the actions and being able to mime to "Let It Go! and being able to do it without watching the screen.

Apart from the fact that Snow Queen Elsa looks a bit Barbie with the high waist, the long legs and the sultry eyes, I don't mind the movie and I quite like the music. It also tickles me to no end that they are now old enough to enjoy the social cache of being caught up in a fad.

Disclaimer: Lest you think that Jordan's Frozen obsession is getting her into great amounts of trouble, the 10 things are a combination of what JED (Yes, JED, not just Jordan) and other Frozenites have done in the name of love (obsession).


  1. wow!!!! NICE!!
    my girls also obsessed.. less with actions and costume. more with the song.

  2. Sher,
    You can get the songs on Itunes and there are the songs that didn't make the album too. There's one duet that your two girls can sing. It's really cool!


  3. Erm... My son loves the movie too. Sings along to the music whenever he hears it on the radio with full emo! We are now waiting for the DVD and soundtrack release.

  4. Yes, my daughter is obsessed with the movie! She coerced her brother into turning his Lego mini figs into versions of Elsa

  5. This is the first movie both my kids sat through without wanting water, toilet or snacks!!!! That's no mean feat. Suffice to say, it's our favourite family movie at the moment. Even Daniel enjoys it except for the snow monster / body guard bit which we fast forward.

    Charlotte thinks she's Princess Anna and now wants a Princess Anne doll for her birthday! Daniel loves Olaf and is always asking for it!!!!

    That said, I am VERY IMPRESS with Jordan. Being able to mime the song and do the actions all without looking at the screen!!!! WOW!!!!