Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Only child mornings

The mornings are much quieter now especially once I am home from the morning dropping off frenzy. So Muffin gets me all to himself. A bit of a treat especially since last year, the mornings were basically Mommy telling him not to disturb his siblings as they learnt to spell, count, add and subtract.

So we get up to all sorts of things. I take him where ever I go. The market (where he loves looking at the frogs. I have no heart to tell him that they get killed for their legs!), the playground (where he insists on being a hybrid between Darth Vader and Superman) or we hang out at home and do puzzles or art, chat and read. I create things for him to play with and while he is busy at it, I have my breakfast and try to actually read the news; all very novel to me.

It's so easy when it is just him. The single child moments are few and far between. Having had the twins first, the later discovery of just having one child to look after was delicious and something we constantly try to do. But with 3 school going children, the individual pockets of time become almost as much a premium as sleeping in.

Until now.

Muffin isn't used to it. He asks for his siblings constantly. He's never been away from them for extended periods of time. He orders me to 'collect' them from school and he thunders down the corridor every afternoon to 'surprise' them in the afternoon.

For me, I'm enjoying the funny things we do together. This morning, as we read The Gruffalo's Child, in preparation for the theatre performance this evening, we added some 3D effects to the reading. Paint in a ziplock bag made for a great doodling surface and white paint made great snow. So we drew claw marks, paw prints, whiskers as we read.

Later this afternoon, it shall be time for Jordan and then Evan. Now to go out in search of hydrogen peroxide for Evan's surprise afternoon play! No, he isn't trying to make a bomb although I wouldn't put it past him.


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