Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ditching homework

P1 is as stressful or as stress free as we want it to be. That's what I've come to realise in the last 6 weeks. There will always be spelling to learn and revise and poetry and show and tell to practice, even if there is no homework. While I do try to make sure that the twins are as on top of their stuff as much as possible, I try (try being the operative term here) not to overdo it. And sometimes, I forget (and feel bad about it) or they forget to tell me and I tell them that they will have to face the consequences; whether it is the teacher telling them off or a less than perfect score on something or other. They'll survive, they'll learn and my blood pressure while aggravated won't hit the roof.

And sometimes, especially when it's a really nice day out and there is ominous news of the impending haze, I decide to just chuck it. Nothing will happen to them if they didn't go through their spelling today. I'm pretty certain the words haven't fallen out of their heads.

So, once lunch was done and there wasn't anything that needed to be done by tomorrow, I declared that we were going out and they needed to change to their swimmers and slip, slap, slop on the sun block.

We went to the Children's Garden, their flavour of the month where there is a water park and they played while I watched and got wet.

And I'm glad at how they played.

Water tipping is squeal worthy.

They didn't fight. They were chummy with each other and  there was a great amount of laughter and shenanigans.

More than just playing nice.

There was also a great amount of story weaving happening.

Evan, the self declared water god who summoned the water with his hands

Jordan, the water queen who controlled the water and makes them dance.

Being free to be herself.

So, no homework but oodles of sunshine and fun. No prizes which we all preferred.


  1. Lovely shots of JED having fun here. And Jordan's handstand is impressive. Look at how lanky she is. Reminds me of you.

  2. Thanks for reminding me to make time for my boy to relax after 6 weeks of stressful P1! It's wonderful that you can bring them out after school in the afternoon. I wish I could do the same, but my boy is in the p.m. session, so no such luxury. I'm so envious! :)

  3. Ivy, she was trying to cartwheel actually! Haha!

  4. Hui Ing,
    Take him out in the morning. And then take him to school straight. The treat will put a great smile on his face. I used to take the twins out early before school when they were in later session kindy. :)