Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Super power for mom

We are running a campaign on JED Packs to promote this new print that is called the Superheroes. It has got me thinking about how I'm in need of some super powers myself. Specifically, in Potterspeak, the ability to Apparate and Disapparate. I find myself having to be at various places at the same time or at the same place, various times of the day and it is not something I say to bolster my self-esteem. Even Calvin's failed attempt at the Duplicator , with all its flaws seems like a good idea. 

Either I zap myself from one place to another, while time stops or I duplicate myself. Not the ideal situations but I'll settle for anything that will give me some sort of breather.

Perhaps a magic cloak might help.

Waiting slightly forlornly for Super-Mom because she was stuck in the queue from hell entering the school. Next time, we park far away and walk.

I suppose much of it has got to do with me. I could say no to Evan when he asks for me to be in school with him at lunch time. We negotiated a one time thing; I will be there just that once to make sure he knows where to go for CCA. I could still stick Jordan on the school bus and pay for the one day a week I have to pick her up even though she hates it and I could leave Muffin with the helper before school despite his pleas for me to take him to the playground.

And throw in the occasional days when Packrat needs me to drop him off at work because of an early morning medical appointment and things get very exciting and F1 like.

How does one say no to such a face? And I have 3 of them!

But I can't find it in me to say no to any of them unless there is good reason to. But as a result, I'm on the road and stuck in queues to get into schools and pay tolls like I were throwing candy out the window.

By the end of it all, my eyes are glazed, I am mainlining iced lemon tea (because Ondine don't do caffeine) and wishing I had some super hero power that could help me do all this without feeling like the wind's been beaten out of me.


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