Monday, March 17, 2014

It's a wrap, for now.

I have never looked forward to weekends and term breaks as much as I have been in the last ten weeks. And this includes all the years that I was a teacher. I suspect it has to do with the fact that my day begins at 5.30 and often doesn't end till midnight.

So, today I let out a not so metaphorical whoop. No school for the next 9 days and a sleeping holiday to look forward to.

The twins are on a similar high.

Jordan's high began on Tuesday because it was her Sports' Day. She prayed very very hard all the way up to that morning that she would get a medal. And I am awed that once again, God answered the little child's prayers, however small and inconsequential it was. She did indeed win a medal, a gold medal no less and it has buoyed her so much.

Jordan has had a really hard first term and we are hoping that with this little victory, it will go a long way in helping her adjust to the school.

Evan's had a much easier first time and for that I've been very thankful for. The amount of stress and anxiety from having to help Jordan adjust, I am thankful we haven't had to worry so much about him. Perhaps it's a boy's school mentality but he has declared it's like kindergarten.

His most memorable times this term have been that Mommy was in his class to teach a class and having a walk around the neighbourhood where he proudly pointed out his school's old premises as Papa's school and the condo across the road as Papa's house!

His academic geek moment was to announce this week that for all his spelling in both Chinese and English, he hasn't had to do corrections. I love that he doesn't understand the concept of "100 upon 100" (shudder! This is one of those phrases that outside of Singapore, no one would have a clue what we are talking about) and to him, it's all about not needing to do any extra work.

This was his fifth full mark practice at his Chinese .
Anyway, I think that to their credit, they've grown up and gotten used to Primary 1 as much as we could have expected them to in 1 term. Their successes, haven't been just about getting 10 over 10 in spelling or the gold medal but the fact that they are able to buy food on their own (especially Evan because he has to have lunch in school twice a week), get used to the tedium of primary school lessons and navigate the politics of being amongst 30 odd other children.

So for the next week, it will be about playing, bickering and television. Yes, the no TV ban has been lifted temporarily.

It's a wrap. School shoes have been washed and hung out to sun and dry!


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