Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Surprising Us

The twins have such a busy week in school that we generally try not to do very much on the weekend. It's time for them to wind down, chill and do what they want. It is also the much awaited TV time though thankfully, they do choose to do other things apart from sitting in front of the TV. And with this free time, they roam the house and discover things that they get into and occasionally, it is so out of left field, it surprises us.

We found Jordan stretched out on our bed reading to herself with a note pad beside her. The words that she could not read, meaning she could not pronounce went on the list.  So words like Maurice (from Beauty and the Beast) and candelabra appeared on the list. It's one step away from reading with a dictionary which I think we all did at one point or the other. But unlike me, she's doing it without any sort of prompting.

One of Evan's favourite foods is spaghetti. In fact, anything with meat sauce and carbs. So, spaghetti, shepherd's pie or hash browns with meat sauce and cheese to top it off. Because he asks for it so often and frankly, everyone is tired of cooking it for him, Packrat asked half jokingly if he wanted to learn how to cook it, himself. Surprisingly, he said yes. He gave up precious TV time (while it was on instead of it misbehaving or something) to learn from his dad. And now, he knows the order in which the ingredients go in. He just needs to do it again to get used to the heat over the stove.

For some strange reason, Muffin loves the music from Les Miserables. We thought it was because he was bored in his grandparents' car (that was where the CDs were) that caused him to hum along to the songs. But when Packrat put on the 10th anniversary concert, he was riveted and refused to have the channel changed, despite repeated pleas from his bored siblings.

Thanks to these little discoveries that kept them busy, I managed to take a glorious two hour nap, only waking up to the credits of Star Wars blaring and Jordan blaring on top of it that she did.not.want.to.watch.Star.Wars. That was the end of (what is in my book) the long peace. But it was good while it lasted.


  1. Those little milestones really do warm a parent's heart, don't they? I find these help to "redeem" the tough moments that are inevitable in bringing up kids!