Friday, April 18, 2014

Change in mentality

The best thing I remember about school is not school itself but the way school made me look forward to holidays. I remember loving the idea of watching cartoons on Saturday and staying over at my cousin's during the longer vacation breaks.

While the twins were in kindergarten, they were ho-hum about holidays. "No school? Why?" Kindy was fun and they, as I was, were extremely annoyed during vacations and worse when during the times that school had to shut down because of HFMD.

The common refrain during the holidays were "I'm bored, play with me". 

Now, in primary school, it has taken a 180 degree turn. Any time off school is great and the thought of it is greeted with so much glee and joyfulness, it's hard for me not to be infected by it. Even being sick is a lot more fun than being in school. Every free moment is spent catching up with play and books, which is fine by me.

I don't think it is because they dislike school per se though there is definitely an element of that but the realisation that time and their lives are now divided school and non-school time and obviously, non school time, like non work time is more desirable.

So, while preparing for bed last night, they were nattering about how great it was that it was Friday the next day and then the weekend. Deadpan, I said "But didn't you know that tomorrow is a holiday and you have a long weekend?"

The screams of joy that erupted were ear splitting.

How they have grown up, that they now appreciate the grown up joy of not having to do what is necessary and enjoy time away from that.


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