Sunday, April 13, 2014

Triple the tantrums

I took this photograph yesterday at Sentosa. When I put it on FB, someone commented that it would be a photo to memorialize their chumminess as siblings. But as with every time someone says something good, the opposite happens. We call it tempting fate.

For the rest of the day, the trio were absolute horrors.

They fought with each other, they were mean to each other, they made each other cry. On top of that, they were whiny about their poor indulgent first world lives.

"Everyone is so noisy. Our house is so small. Can we move to a bigger house? I don't like this house anymore. "

"I hate it when you scold me about my homework."

"I hate my dinner. Why do I have to eat porridge. Why can't we have yummy fried food all the time?"

They were tired so that meant they were clumsy and uncoordinated. Each one took turns to fall in some way or other and burst into loud wails and sobs.

Irritation didn't begin to describe how I felt. I vacillated between wanting to run away and cane them till they really had something to howl about. It took all my effort not to haul them all into the car and drop them off at the nearest orphanage.

It was downright exhausting; so much so that I called an afternoon time-out today, came home while they were at gym, shut the door, darkened the room and just napped into oblivion. 

On days like that, why people are hesitant to have three kids is self-explanatory.


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