Friday, September 05, 2014

A slippery slope

Once again, the kids were on the issue of pets. Just that this time, they wanted to adopt a cute little Korean girl they met at the playground. They were enthralled by her and followed her around, holding her, picking her up when she stumbled. The little one year old had a following of willing helpers twirled around her baby finger. They were smitten.

They wanted to bring her home. Because she was cute. Because she was small. Because they needed a pet. Because they needed a younger sibling. Because they needed a younger sister.

To get a pet, they know that the three obstacles in the way are our helper, Packrat and myself. And the following conversation ensued.

Jordan: What if we have a dog?
Our helper: Then Kakak will run away.

Evan: What if we have a cat?
Our helper: Then Kakak....
Mommy: And Papa will run away

Kakak: What if you have a baby? Kakak won't run away then.
Muffin: Mommy, what if we have a baby sister?
Mommy: Then, Mommy will run away!

Following that, a horrified, stunned silence from JED who suddenly understood higher stakes and what a slippery slope argument meant.

The conversation ended there.


  1. Lol!!!

    But, the truth of the story is, Mommy will be too smitten and tired to even RUN!! :P