Monday, September 15, 2014

Something old and something new

Most of our JED holidays are to places that aren't all that exotic or exciting. We tend to play it safe and simple with them because it's just easier that way.

But even then, there are always new things for them to experience.

1. Bang around a piano in the middle of a market

and have people toss coins at them. (Perhaps, begging them to stop)

2. Play in a fruit warehouse

and play hide and seek around a trailer truck. (Yes, this was under parental supervision and the truck was stationary)

3. Sleep in a basement 

where you could hear people walk over the ceiling. (Ghosts, they insisted.)

4.  Feed the fowl that they eat

and the ones that could eat them.

5.  Play in a huge open field

flanked by electric fencing to keep the cows in (the fences weren't on.)

6.  Go nuts at a mega playground

3 days in a row and not fully cover the whole playground

7. Have sheep just outside your window grazing

and fall so hopelessly in love with them that you are loathe to leave them. (Harry and Harriet are their names)

8. Take a photograph in the exact same spot

they did, 4 years ago, almost to the day. 

9. Play footie in the yard

despite 120km/h gale force winds bending the trees behind them.

10. Rough and tumble on grass
 that is 'oh so soft!'

11. Have a dog walk

all four of them at the same time.

And for us, it was just great fun just watching them have so much fun.