Friday, December 26, 2014

Party by kids

Sometime in October, the twins came home announcing that they were going to have a Christmas party. It was one of their club activities. It was going to be on December 23 from 6.30pm to 830 pm and it was going to be a dance party.

I didn't think they were serious about it. After all, they are a bunch of 7-8 year olds. But in November, our helper got approached to make pizza for the party by Kate, the apparent head of the club. And I kept finding invitations written on scraps of paper to friends, inviting them to the party.

The few days before December 23 saw the twins disappearing regularly to Kate's house (down the corridor) to make decorations and Kate's mom set up a chat group to discuss food for the party. So it was truly happening.

I think they were more excited about this than they were about Christmas. It was, after all, they idea in the first place.

So, there was decoration. Bunting, tinsel and a Christmas stocking. None of the adults had foldable tables and chairs so we used side tables for food and a big ground sheet for the kids to sit on. It gave it a very refugee camp feel to it especially when there were more than 10 kids sitting on it, plates on the ground and eating. But no one seemed to care.

At 8 pm, there was to be a talent show. Unfortunately, the only one who performed, multiple times, was Jordan. No one else wanted to though Evan gamely tried to participate as well.

10 kids on the corridor make a whole lot of noise especially when the boys decide to have an impromptu light sabre battle. We were concerned the neighbours would call in the authorities on account of disturbance. A crotchety old lady did appear to glare at the kids.

So we stepped in and suggested sparklers and catching downstairs.  Sparklers are always a hit and they would have finished all my boxes had it not been Kate who rounded everyone upstairs for the aforementioned talent show at 8 pm. 

All in, they had a great time and most of the food got rapidly polished off. The kids had a great glow to them. I suspect it was partially because they were hot and sweaty and flushed with excitement but also because they had planned it from scratch and it went off, almost without a hitch. They did forget to find a kid they left hiding during a game of Hide and Seek and it was only because we were doing a head count that we realised the littlest was still missing.

But apart from that, we've got a couple of party planners on our hands.


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