Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Countdown to March Hols! A Kids Fiesta giveaway

We've passed Week 5 and that means we're half way through the term to the holidays. Every time JED complain about school and waking up early, I tell them I hate it as much and I wish as much that it were the holidays. They're amused at the concept that Mom hates school as much as they do. For me, I just want to sleep in. Last year, I made friends with moms from the twins' class and all of us would sit around, sleepy-eyed commiserating about how much they needed a sleep holiday. We would express great envy at those who were sneaking off for 'sleep vacations'.

So we can't wait till March though, thank goodness we have CNY next week as sort of a mid term break. And JED are already talking about what they would like to do during the March break. Being in relatively affluent schools, they are inundated by information about people who travel during all sorts of break and occasionally come home asking if we were too. Our usual response as with the response when Evan requested for another cruise vacation "You think we print money?!" or its derivative "Do you think money grows on trees?"

And we launch into this diatribe about how there is lots to do in Singapore during the holidays and there is no real need to travel.

Evan's more realistic requests have been to go to a water park, to go sailing and also the Night Safari. Muffin has no concept of the holidays and just wants to stay home with his toys. Jordan has asked to go rock climbing, sailing with Evan and play with their friends.

We'll probably accede to the play with their friends thing and the Night Safari. Probably let Evan go sailing because if there are any requests we actually pay attention to, they are the ones that the resemble a dog with a bone. We aren't sure if we'll send Jordan with him because she probably wants to do it because he's doing it and to us, that isn't a good enough reason.

Perhaps, the rock-climbing for her. Especially since the organisers of Kids Fiesta sent me information about their event during the March break. Jordan saw me look through the email and the 'bad' thing being able to read is that they read over your shoulder and are massively susceptible to marketing.

And these were what she saw. The words, "FREE CANDY FLOSS" and "PIRATE SHIP" and "LASER MAZE" caught her attention before I could close the posters and she was sold. Part of the English programme that they do in school now teaches them to effectively pull out information presented in brochures and flyers. So, the date "13 to 15 March" registered with her as well.

Note to self: I should not open files and layer them one above the other because when I close them, there are files underneath and she saw the picture of the Climb Asia promotion where there were two girls happily scaling the rock wall.

Now we have a 7 1/2 year old who seems to have caught the climbing bug from the aforementioned cruise holiday bugging us to go to the event because she gets to rock climb there.

I told her I'll think about it but it's a pretty tempting event to go for because she can rock climb for $10 at the Fiesta. On top of that, she's announced to her brothers that there's the Laser Maze (Evan has a big thing for mazes) and many bouncy items. So now, it isn't just her that bugging me though she remains the more insistent one.

It might be worth a day's trip. At this point, FUNTASY Passports (that's what you need to get in) are $20 instead of $25 here (Till the 27th of February) and that sets the kids loose onto the Laser Maze, the Orbitor (which looks like a bumper car sort of thing) as well as balloon sculpting, face painting and glitter tattoos.

There are other things too that she said she was interested in:
1. A dance performance by Dancepointe
2. A music performance by Cristofori
3. A booth by Genius R Us where you can pay for kids can bake and decorate and shape their baked goods.

Plus I forgot, the free candy floss and ice cream.

We'll see about it but right now, it's down on our list of things to do during the March break.

I know this is Jordan's 'dog with bone' event and she's going to bug me to death about it so I'm trying to figure out what deal to strike with her to 'earn' this.

Though, actually in truth, I would actually just like a sleeping holiday!

And for those who are thinking of going away and even for those who are not but need ideas to entertain the kids at restaurants, long train or bus rides or generally at home on a sick/ rainy day, we're giving away 3 sets of the following gifts, thanks to the kind organisers of Kids Fiesta.

2. Either Suncoat Girl Natural Nail Salon Kit worth $26.90 OR 1 x Kids Fiesta FUNTASY Passport worth $25

So all you have to do is
1. Leave a comment in the blog answering this question "What would you or your kids' favourite item be at Kids Fiesta 2015: FUNTASY Adventure?" Please leave your email address so that we can inform you when you win! You have till 18 February to do this!

2. Visit the Kids Fiesta FB page and like it if you haven't.

3. It's not a must but if you want to be nice to us, share this post on your FB wall and let us know you've done so by leaving the link of your post in our FB post's comment section.

Terms and conditions:
- This contest is open to Singaporeans and permanent residents only.
- Prizes are not refundable or exchangeable for cash or prizes of any kind.
- Kids Fiesta reserves the right to replace the prizes with other items of the same value.
- Winners will be notified by email and all prizes will be collected from the Kids Fiesta organisers.
- The judges' decision on the winners are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

So, either way, we're set for some sort of break or reprieve. Now, to make it through to the end of term.
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  1. I think my kids will go bananas over the western train and bouncy obstacle.

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  3. bouncy castle definitely
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    my kid would love rock climbing as she feels a sense of accomplishment every time she returns back conquering her target.
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  6. My boys will love Inflatable Obstacle.

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