Monday, March 09, 2015

The things they say

We love eavesdropping on JED's conversations with one another and we love their conversations with us. 

They say the darndest things. 

Of course, there have been occasion where they've actually used swear words that they've inadvertently picked up. But then there are funny phrases that make us chuckle and go "where did you get that from?"

Because she picked up our anthology of Edgar Allen Poe and insisted on trying to read something from it. Because she told me she didn't understand what she read. Because I asked her if it was hard to read. Her response was "verily". 

Playing some version of 20 questions with Jordan and Muffin in the car. His question is "Is it friend or foe?" Not entirely sure which television show he picked it up from but it's still quite fancy. 

He asks to watch Wallace and Gromit because it's been a while. Before it begins, the letters BBC flash across the screen. His reaction to it in as proper English as a five year old could muster, "This is the BBC World Service."

Funny the things they internalise and pull out of their hats. Of course, we have to watch what we say in front of them and what they read but for most part, it's just amusing.


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