Sunday, May 03, 2015


For the times they drive me crazy, they do funny sweet things and spring surprises on me. So, Jordan got hold of my phone and decided to make an art piece and save it on the Camera Roll without telling me.

In Evan's class, there is a bartering system going on. You trade what you have with a kid who has something you want. They bargain and they trade.

So Evan trades an flag eraser for two boxes. In my opinion, it wasn't a fair trade. But it was to him. Because he's seen the skin care products I use and he recognised that these boxes were the brand that I used.

When I came home, he presented me with them.

Putting aside all the thoughts about how I should teach him to barter more effectively, it was a 'melt' moment.

Sweetness that I had better savour while it lasts.


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