Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas gifting

JED have been counting down to Christmas. They are so excited they are vibrating on the spot. And they are excited about it not because Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus but because they get presents. All they can think about is presents. Presents for themselves.

In a bid to get them to think beyond themselves this Christmas, we asked them to think about how happy they would be on Christmas morning with all their presents and how they could help others feel the same way.  We also asked them who they could bless in the same way that they themselves were blessed.

The eventual decision was to bless those in our estate that helped keep the estate clean. We have lived in the area long enough for JED to know who they are and for them to know who JED are. How we were going to bless them, we were going to leave to JED. We only stipulated one thing. That they not to pick items that they, JED, didn't like or didn't think much about.

With money from their savings, we set them free in NTUC. They picked their favourite snacks. Potato chips, biscuits, snacks. When I gently suggested buying some useful items, they reminded me that it had to be things that they thought of as yummy. Eventually, they ended up with $75 worth of snacks, instant beverages and yummy food.

This morning, we brought them downstairs to give their gifts. 

Thank you cards.

Heaving the gift bags down.

Being very shy about wishing him a Merry Christmas.
They turned it into a hide and seek game, running around looking for the various cleaning crew. Though with everyone, they stopped short in front of them shy and blushing furiously. But once they had given the gift, they were all smiles and yelling their blessings and wishes and we went in search of the next person.

I asked Evan what he thought about the whole thing afterward and he said that it was nice to see people smile so widely. And it was nice to know that he could do that for others.

While they are still definitely more focussed on Christmas and its presents; I just threatened to cancel Christmas on account of them misbehaving and their stricken faces were comedic if I hadn't been annoyed, my Christmas wish is that this little gesture would be something they would remember and replicate into a tradition that they would carry on and possibly grow as they get older.


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