Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Repetitive Humour

Jordan came home from school one day with this joke.

"There were three people. Their names were "Ouch", "Somebody", "Nobody".
One day, Ouch got hurt and had to go to the doctor.
The doctor asks, "What's your name?"
He goes, "Ouch!"
The doctor replies, "I know it's painful. But what's your name?"
He goes "Ouch" again.
The doctor isn't getting anywhere with that and goes on. "Who hurt you?
Ouch goes "Somebody"
The doctor asks again, "What's his name?"
Ouch goes "Somebody."
The doctor gets fed up. "Was there anyone else with you?"
Ouch replies "Nobody was with me"
The doctor then asks "Then how can I help you, if you can't tell me who hurt you?"
Ouch is exasperated. "Somebody hurt me and Nobody was with me! Why won't you help me?"
The doctor retorts" You won't even tell me your name!"
Ouch roars "OUCH! It's OUCH!"

The story goes on.

It's very amusing.

Evan and Muffin get it and laugh till they're in stitches and they try to make up their own. Packrat decides to let them watch Abbott and Costello and they love it and watch it ad nauseum.

I know we stand the danger of raising children that might end up exasperating other children. But they'll have a sense of humour.

On a side note, Evan asked me if TV was indeed black and white when we were little. He was appalled when I told him that TV only started at 3 pm and there was only one English channel.

His response was at least the people on TV were funny even though they were black and white!

See, funny.


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