Monday, March 06, 2017

Conversations in the car

I've read so many articles about car rides being the best opportunity to talk to our children. Something about being in the car, in transit, the enclosed space that makes it ideal. I must add, however, that this only works when there isn't traffic to contend with.

Anyway, JED spend a lot of time listening to audio books in the car. Because of that, there is quiet and Packrat and I can catch up with one another. But sometimes, it's also nice to not have anything on and just chat with which ever kid in the car.

With Evan, his sentimentality and soft side surfaces during these conversations.

Evan: My class was very sad today.

Mommy: Why? Did you get punished?

Evan: We had to set free our tank full of mealworms.

Mommy: But they've become meal-bugs right? (Mommy is not very precise with science terms)

Evan: Not all. Some of them are still meal-babies (picking up from me) and some are still pupa. So they are helpless against the birds.

Mommy: I think that's what happens to bugs in the wild.

Evan: Yes, these are spoilt meal bugs. In class, they have 40 boys who squash every ant that goes near them. We have made them helpless and now, we're sending them into the wild to die!

 Yes, it's an analogy to something bigger but I didn't think it was the right time while he was having 'empty tank syndrome'.

This morning, it was Jordan.

She was talking about how Mommy was her best sleep buddy. I apologised that there are days that I can't tuck her in because I'm at work but when I can, I would. And so the conversation ensued.

Mommy: Anyway, at some point, you're going to be too big for me to tuck you in. Imagine if you were married and I came to tuck you into bed. Your husband wouldn't be amused. (visions of Love you Forever- the book that creeped me out because the mum would sneak into her adult kid's room at night to sing lullabies to him came to mind!)

Jordan: Okay, then you can sleep next door.

Mommy: Erm, you'll need to check with your husband on that okay? He may not want your parents in the same house.

Jordan: I'll need to start thinking critically now. For a good reason. Like.... My father makes good ribs.

Mommy: He'll say we can go over to your parents to have good ribs.

Jordan: Okay, maybe if he doesn't agree, we can live near you and pop by whenever we have time. But I think it'll be better if you live with us.

Dear Jordan's Future husband,
You've been forewarned.
Don't say I never tell you.

Jordan's Mom. 


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