Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Out of the Box came 2 Bags

There was the mother of all storms yesterday.

Add to that, I had recently decided to commit myself to being the "Muber" driver and pick JED after school.

It has not been without its challenges and on top of that, my not-so-organised mind had not told them what to do when there was a storm.

So I brought ONE (not two or three as I should have done) umbrella into school to catch them. I found Muffin but Evan was no where in sight.

Eventually he sidled up, grinning and waving two plastic bags at me. He was late coming to look for Muffin because he had seen the rain and proceeded to

a. Go to the library and try to ring me. But the library was closed.
b. Procure plastic bags.

I kind of figured out why he had done that though I hadn't seen anyone with plastic bags over their heads since I, myself, was in primary school.

But I asked him anyway, why 2 plastic bags?

"One for myself and one for Muffin so that we would be able to walk out and look for you." he replied.

He said it would not keep the rest of him from getting wet but it was like the hood of the raincoat. He also promised that he wouldn't suffocate himself (Heedful of the warnings he'd read everywhere about plastic bags causing suffocation). Thereafter, putting on the plastic bag, looking both amused and full of importance.

Muffin followed suit and loped the bag over his head though his head being smaller caused the bag to cover his entire face. He proceeded to get a stern lecture from his brother about plastic bags and suffocation (mindful of everything he'd read about plastic bags causing suffocation). 

That he thought to call me. That he figured out a contingency in case I was still outside. And that he took matters into his own hands and tried as best as possible to equip his brother and himself for the possible traipse out into the rain. 

I am speechless and a little bit awed by him. 


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